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    everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

    well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off

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  3. vixio:

    why is underwear so expensive like wtf its a sheet of fabric that covers ur dinky doo 

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    Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking

    OH MY GOD.

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    Bruce lee,Two different laugh!

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    True love never gets old!

    I am Rita

    the fairy

    I wish to have love like this.

    I AM RITA😂😂😂 I love this omg

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    instead of sending me nudes you can send me 

    • pics of you smiling with ur fave stuffed animal
    • pics of you smiling with ur mom 
    • pics of plants
    • pics of ur dog
    • pics of silly lookin bugs that u find 

    send me the nudes while this geek eats a flower

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    you can either watch a whole tv series in a day or die trying

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)


    More Facts on Psychofacts :)

  10. illkim:

    "You smoke?"

    "Only recreationally"


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